While we wouldn't normally feature a pointy-edged modern machine of this ilk, this particular custom bike is built on the notorious original Aprilia Tuono, a bike with plenty of soul, and it's certainly an interesting build, following the trend of providing updated body kit to tired looking bikes that cut the mustard on the road, but no longer turn heads. Vilner are more widely known for pimping out the cars of the super-wealthy, but the Bulgarian custom shop have been putting their hands to customising bikes, the latest being their take on the original Aprilia Tuono or as they have now christened it, the Aprilia Stingray. Starting with the v-twin naked, Vilner have transformed its appearance through 13 changes to Aprilia's Tuono. At the front, the custom house have fitted a brand new fender with a more futuristic profile than the standard version. Vilner have also given the Tuono a facelift, altering the headlight array giving it a more moody expression. Vilner have continued the alteration at the tank giving it a large angular appearance, and at the engine they have added two cowls, that take the Aprilia away from its agility to more of a steroid-pumped beefcake. The seat unit, surprisingly, remains largely untouched bar for some new grey and brown leather seats. The frame is also the same but Vilner have modded the swingarm, extending it by 15cm to give the bike a longer stance. For the paint Vilner have gone with one of motorcycling's most underused colours, using brown for the plastics, a touch of black to the frame and silver wheels. This works if you are ubercool like Cafe Racer Dreams and SteelBent Customs, but... It's an outrageous change to the original bike and brave move from Vilner, but it's still pretty out there for this legendary donor motorcycle, ...however, rich footballers on the other hand... and if you've ever ridden one of these beasts it's hard not to take a second glance, or even three.