Flattracking threatened to be just a trend a couple of years ago but few would have predicted its stratospheric ascendancy in popularity. The purity of the machinery necessary for going around in circles makes for simple and purposeful looking bikes and easy access to inexpensive donors has created a healthy mix of styles, genres and eras. Barcelona based outfit Vintage Addiction Crew's frontman Carlos isn't shy when it comes to merging eras and has form when it comes to making old stuff look cool. Inspired by Italian designer Oberdan Bezzi and his gorgeous render of a modern-day 1970 Ktm GS6 Carlos set to work on a much newer 2004 EXC250 bought from a buddy.
The friend was a good guy but his bike wasn't, tired after a lifetime of enjoyment. The motor was stripped and refreshed but the barrel was knackered so a 350cc cylinder kit was fitted, while in there, why not! There ain't no replacement for displacement. The stainless zorst was made in-house from a vast number of sections, perfect welding practice for Carlos, not that he needs any. A down-and-under-to-the-right header and stubby silencer keep the weight low and the style points high. The carb was re-jetted to suit the short exhaust and foam Uni air filter. 19" alloy rims front and rear are wider than the originals to accommodate the Mitas flattrack tyres, a tread pattern so familiar these days. Although a relatively soft compound these (and most other brands) are road legal, all Carlos need do is pop the front brake on and he's got himself a super cool street tracker. The suspension needed lowering internally, and properly, rather than some of the Heath Robinson methods used in racing. Professional competition suspension shop GCR took care of both the shock and fork, changing ride height and settings for Carlos' weight. Finally the most obvious changes were made to the bodywork, taken from a KTM GS6 125. The modified rear subframe now props-up a chunky old school saddle and mounts the rear mudguard and side panels. The tank and front number board are from the GS6 but the radiator guards were fabricated subsequently, as the early 125s were air-cooled two-strokes. Maybe my heavy bias clouds my judgement when it comes to trackers but for me this is a real peach. A great blend of MX and flattrack with a fairly modern heart but drop dead gorgeous retro styling. And all for a few grand, rescuing a dilapidated enduro machine and producing two-bikes-in-one. And the 350 is a perfect balance of agility and power on the short tracks.... I need to make sure when next in Barcelona I find Carlos and share stories of Vintage Addiction. More from Vintage Addiction on Bike Shed Archive | Facebook | Instagram | Web