White Collar Duc6 Thumb Serial boundary-breaker Ram Januar from White Collar Bike has been at it again. His refusal to conform to the norm or mainstream has resulted in some seriously radical builds over the last few years and each time he pushes his own creativity and engineering skills to another level. Duc1With the Scrambler bandwagon rolling around the globe unearthing more and more custom talent Ram wanted to draw a line in the sand and separate himself from bikes that had gone before. He had some pretty wild ideas in his head and somehow he's found an adaptor to plug his brain directly into his arsenal of CNC equipment. Duc2 Starting with a 2012 Monster 795 Ram started by consigning the wheels and suspension to the spares bin and got intimate with his 3D modelling programme. He wanted to achieve retro derived looks with modern performance and will undoubtedly leave all but the experienced and eagle-eyed bystanders confused. Duc3 First up are the wheels. They may look like hulking great drum brakes in the centre but the standard twin-disc Brembos up front and single disc at the rear are masked by hours of painstaking machining work. The shortest of spokes connect these masterpieces to wide alloy rims to complete the future-classical look. Duc4 For the girder fork there was no chance of picking something off-the-shelf so Ram ordered a massive billet of T6 aluminium and ran an extensive program on his mill. There must have been enough swarf left to keep the local Coca-Cola canning plant going for a few hours. The manufacturing technique might be high-tech but the finish certainly isn't, Scotchbrite, sandpaper and elbow grease make for a raw-and-real look. Ram rides his bikes in all weathers so this sucker gets filthy and we all know that shiny ally never stays that way for long. Duc5The swingarm might look similar to an S2R but it's not. Another piece of T6 was sacrificed, the milled block welded to aluminium tubes and hand finished. This part alone took over a week to fabricate. Duc7 With all of this going on Ram makes a cursory mention of the tank, bodywork and cam belt covers which are all hand-beaten and rolled from ally sheet. What might be considered the crowning piece is merely an expectation, and a stack hours, in Ram's project schedule. Just before time and budget ran out a stainless steel tank panel was painstakingly engraved to partially hide the speedo. The pattern is Javanese 'Mega Mending' which sort of means cloudy clouds. Duc8 There seems to be no end to the ambition inside Ram's head and we're always excited to see the latest White Collar Bike. Check out his previous work on the Bike Shed Archive | Facebook | Instagram