When we first saw this Ducati on Bike EXIF and it was suggested that Walt Siegl might be making bikes or kits available in limited numbers we almost choked on our cornflakes as we reached for the keyboard to check prices and availability, but although it's not exactly cheap at around $30,000 US Dollars these stunning Ducati's do look like they might be worth it. The full story is on BikeEXIF but the lowdown is pretty simple; take your dual valve air cooled Ducati 900 engine, and slip it into Walt's lightweight chrome-molly frame and body kit, with Showa suspension up front and Ohlins at the rear, decide on the looks, spec, fairing/naked etc, and you end up with a ridiculously desireable bike that should ride as well as any other air cooled Duc of recent times with looks inspired by the 60s and 70s. Perfection. Walt calls it the Laggaro. ...Swap out to open belts, open clutch and maybe spoked wheels and I'll take two please. Exhausts mimic the old school conti-style cones. Tank and seat look very Walt Siegl & very bespoke. Bars look low enough to make a Paul Smart owner wince. Comfy? Practical? Who cares...? I'm not sure this could be any more desireable... And who the f**k's been dribbling on this keyboard? If you've got the cash, go to Walt's website and order one, and please send us the pics, we'd love to feature it here... And if you're really loaded and love the BSMC, then why not buy us one for Christmas? ...No? ...Well, as they say; You don't ask, you don't get.