Barely a week seems to go by without an email from one of Spain's (probably) most productive custom shops, XTR Pepo. Frontman Pepo Rosell isn't some new kid on the block and has the bike building game dialled in. His eclectic style is distinctive, although even the most trained observer and swap meet frequenter would sometimes have a job in defining the origin of the various components that make up an XTR motorcycle. This time though the base donor is obvious, a Bultaco Astro of course. Or is it? Nope, it's actually a Lobito, Bultaco's small capacity go anywhere two-stroke trail bike built between 1966-76. Much as Pepo loves a small bore stroker this bad boy is packing slightly more heat. The motor is a rebuilt, fully blueprinted 350cc single from a 1979 Matador MK10, sucking through a Bing carb and ring-a-ding-dinging out of a gorgeous Super Mario handmade exhaust. The frame was modified to accept the new lump along with the obligatory rear loop, finished with perfectly retro chrome plating. The period looking tubular swingarm is in fact from a Yamaha SR250, suspended on Hagon shocks. A Lobito rear hub is relaced to a modern and black powdercoated Derbi Senda Supermoto rim. Up front the whole wheel is from the other end of the donor Derbi but the forks are Honda Hornet 600, with the lugs lopped off and smoothed. Yup, no front brake as this little Lobito will be spending most of its time going fast and turning left. Handlebars are modern and tapered from LSL with a quick action Gonelli throttle. The grips and levers are also Gonelli. Footpegs are from Pepo's vast Ducati parts bin but the number plates, fork guards and seat are an in-house XTR job, as is the leather upholstery. Thought I'd forgotten the fuel tank, just making you sweat and guess. It's from a 1963 Bultaco Mercuio 155, painted by local outfit Pintumoto. By the time this is published Pepo will probably roll another corking custom off his bench and into our inbox. More from XTR on Bike Shed Archive | Instagram | Web | Facebook Images by Cesar Godoy