Yaken XS750 1 Daniel Jakobsson, also known as Yaken, is a project engineer based in Stockholm, Sweden, who lists many vices aside from building motorcycles, including brewing beer. "I have spent basically my entire life on two wheels. First years chasing friends, enemies and girls on bicycles which a few years later led me to motocross. I competed for several years. I'd never ridden any road bikes besides a moped until the summer two years ago." Yaken XS750 2 A couple of years ago Daniel discovered the retro/cafe scene through a friend who introduced him to Deus Ex Machina. He immediately set about looking for a donor bike and inspiration for his own build, which came courtesy of Bike Shed co-founders Spirit of the Seventies and their xs750. All Daniel needed now was his bike license. Yaken XS750 3 The license was sorted last Autumn and not long after that his project began in earnest with some help from Daniels friend's garage, 6/5/4 Motors. "We are now seven enthusiastic builders each creating all kind of two-wheeled spectacles." Yaken XS750 4 FBC The donor is a 1977 Yamaha xs750 which needed complete renovation and to be made street legal. While friends helped with the mechanical side of the rebuild Daniel got on with the design. The subframe was shortened, looped and fitted with a dark chocolate brown leather seat. The frame was finished in dark matte metallic green while the tank was left with a brushed raw metal finish in clearcoat. Yaken XS750 5 The airbox was binned to accommodate K&N filters and a high performance battery was mounted under the swingarm. The handlebar is a motorcross item that's been inverted with a new front master cylinder. Yaken XS750 6 The exhaust was black wrapped. Lighting comes from 6.5 inch matte black headlight and clear Kellerman indies while the speedo is a 60mm analogue unit. The ignition was replaced with an M-Lock digital "touchless" switch. Yaken XS750 7 Daniel is rightly pleased with all his hard work; "I´m a pretty tall guy and love the wide up-side-down mx-handelbar. The brushed tank which gives different effect in different angels and lights. The all leather saddle with integrated seat cowl etc. My upcoming project this winter is a BMW R100/7 from '77. Inspiration for this bike will come from Blitz motorcycles and Atelier 11´s BMW R65 Scrambler." Yaken XS750 8 Thanks for sharing Daniel. We look forward to seeing pics of that Beemer. Yaken XS750 9