On the very day that the big Zed was featured in BikeEXIF (thanks Chris) I was knocked off it by a young wenty-year old guy in a hatchback, who decided to pull a right turn across my path. Nice. ...But all was not lost, because he actually took the blame, and offered to get the bike fixed out of his own money, and a coupla days later Zed was back at Untitled being stripped down again. I low-sided (it was a wet road) avoiding the impending collision but even this little low-speed off scratched the engine case, exhaust, dented the tank (and badge), smashed the headlight, bent the one bar and dented the speedo. It was a big bill, but the kid paid up, and now 95% of the work is done. I upgraded the brake lever & M/C to a modern z750 unit, and now there's a more stopping power thru the twin discs. I'm still waiting for a new right side engine cover, and there's a bit more work to do on the V&H, but while we were there we also swapped to a smaller headlight, sorted the side stand, kickstarter and did a bit more de-lugging... plus I opted for Paul Smart silver as a base colour for the tank. (I plan to add some detail at a later date.) Anyway, thanks as usual to Rex & Anita at Untitled Motorcycles for their spannering and patience, and I'm just glad to be back in the saddle of my daily ride.