Below is a summary of everything you need to know about joining the Bike Shed Motorcycle Club in London or LA, why you might chose to join, what the privileges are, and what the rules and conditions are.

We assume you have also read the main Membership Page on the website, where some of this info is repeated, however, it may help if you take a moment to read everything below before you apply to join.
Remember also that membership is elective, and no-one is required to join the BSMC to enjoy our hospitality or services. We treat all our visitors as well as we are able, to ensure they all have a memorable and worthwhile experience.

Thank you for considering BSMC membership.

Bike Shed Membership is primarily about:

    • Supporting the Club

    • Being part of the Membership Community

    • Taking Part in Bike Shed Rides, Events and Experiences

    • Being Inspired to organise and create Adventures

Membership Privileges include:

    • Access to LA's Members-Only spaces:

      In detail: Member plus one guest, however, more guests may be allowed off-peak, at the Manager's discretion.

      Bear in mind the members' spaces cannot accommodate all members at once, so access should not necessarily define your reasons for membership. The whole shared club space at 1580 Industrial St is also for members to enjoy.

    • LA Membership is limited to 1,000 people, to avoid overcrowding, while London Membership is not limited.

    • Taking part in Monthly hosted members' nights/rides/dinners/talks

    • Discounts online, in-store and in the restaurant

    • Access to a bar/restaurant Tab system, with a monthly bill for what you eat & drink

    • Access to purchase Limited Members-Only products

    • Free Admission to selected Bike Shed main Events

    • First Access to all other paid Events (e.g. track days, off-road days, camping trips, etc)

    • First Access to Limited Edition BSMC Products

    • Discounts and Privileges with BSMC Partners

    • An invitation to join the private BSMC members group on Facebook, where members share news, info and arrange more rides and meets, and members' events are posted. 


There is one single Tier of Membership, with the same basic membership privileges for all, and all members have access to all the clubs and member's spaces in London, LA and wherever we open next, but there are different ways to join and subscribe:


...For those who are based in the UK or Europe, who will most often frequent the London Club.

London membership is currently £250* per year.
*Prices will increase when we open Bike Shed LA


...For those based in the US who will most often frequent the LA Club.

Membership to Bike Shed LA will be limited to around 1,000 members over the first year, to avoid overcrowding.

LA Membership is $1,200* per year.
*$1,000 per year for those who join before we open in 2021**
**Year two payments start one year from our opening date.

3. THE LA100:
Read More below, or HERE.

Whatever you pay annually when you join is locked-in for the lifetime of your membership, for the foreseeable future, assuming your membership subscription is uninterrupted.


Our membership software will track which club you frequent most often, so please be careful to chose the correct membership subscription price.

Members who wish to support the Club with a bigger, long-term commitment to the BSMC, helping us launch at our inception, will be offered "Founding Membership" status, strictly limited to 100 Founders.

Membership privileges for the LA One Hundred, and all other members in London and LA, are broadly the same, with club access and discounts, etc, except;

The LA One Hundred will have a unique Members Card, priority access to the Whisky Lockers in LA, their name on the wall in our LA Club Lounge (unless they elect to be omitted) and they will be allowed to purchase LA One-Hundred-only products, e.g. a BSMC Members ring in gold or platinum, uniquely numbered or designed, TBC, an LA100 pin, and other items.

The cost to join the LA One Hundred is a one-off lifetime payment of $10,000, equal to just over 8 year's LA membership at year-one, post-opening price (which is likely to increase for newbies in the future).

Membership is then valid for life with nothing further to pay, and covers all BSMC club memberships, past, present and future.

Each time we open a new BSMC venue there will be a new One Hundred Club attached.


Except for the LA One Hundred, all London and LA members can apply online via the links on the Members Page and at the bottom of this post.

You must first subscribe, confirm that you ride, tell us why you want to join and if you don't have a referee we will arrange a meeting or call to confirm your membership. In the event that your application cannot be accepted, your subscription will be immediately refunded.


Apart from getting along with us, all members must be motorcycle riders, whether they currently ride or not, regardless of experience, and regardless whether they hold a current license or not. If you ride, you understand.

Members must also adhere to all Rules on conduct, detailed at the bottom of this page.


All prospective members either need a referee (another member, investor, or senior manager) or we will arrange a call or face to face meeting to confirm that we are right for you, and you are right for us.

This process can take up to 7 days.


As this is a bigger commitment, we would ask those who wish to support us by become one of the founding LA One-Hundred to email to arrange a meeting.


Rules are for all Bike Shed visitors, so we expect Members to respect and adhere to them also, to help protect the club and our partners.


We ask members - and all Bike Shed visitors - to be considerate to other members, customers and neighbours in London and DTLA. We might love to push the limits when we ride on the streets, but we ask our visitors to refrain from stunting, speeding or unnecessary loud revving in or near our premises, and to respect other residents and businesses in the area. ... We already know what a motorcycle sounds like, and so do our customers.


Bike Shed's staff are there to make your experience as good as it can be, from the membership team and managers to the bartenders and wait-staff, to the chefs and cleaners. They work hard, and we expect a lot from them. Many of them also ride, and are passionate about the club. In other circumstances they could be one of you, so, treat them kindly - and remember - you can judge a lot about a person by how they treat those who serve or work for them.


Please do not take any photographs in the member's areas. We will also ask all customers to refrain from taking photographs of people not in their own personal group during their visit to the Bike Shed without permission. We will do all we can to protect our member's privacy wherever they are in our public and private spaces.


When there are no large events, we will allow overnight parking for members, arranged in advance, or agreed on the day, at the manager's discretion.

We expect everyone to park their motorcycle considerately to make room for other members and customers. Badly parked motorcycles may be moved, or removed.


Leave your differences at the door. The Bike Shed is common ground for all members and visitors, and we are a safe space for all who love moto-culture. We will not tolerate any discrimination or aggressive behaviour.


The members' lounge and other members' spaces in Los Angeles are exclusively for members, plus one guest when we are not too busy. However, the members bar cannot accommodate all members at the same time, and access to this exclusive bar should not define your BSMC membership. Bear in mind that the whole club space is for members, albeit non-exclusively.


Membership is a privilege and not a right.

Membership applications may be refused without a reason being given.

If club rules are broken, membership can be suspended or cancelled without warning.

Refunds will only be given on termination of active BSMC membership at the club's discretion.


Assuming you are happy and have understood everything written above, and that you are a motorcycle rider, who wants to be part of our club and community, we would like to invite you to apply to join below:

If you have already spoken to a one of our founders, please do insert their name as your referee.

JOIN BSMC LONDON - Annual membership application & subscription


JOIN BSMC LOS ANGELES - Annual membership application & subscription


JOIN THE LA ONE-HUNDRED - Application, with one-off, lifetime subscription