We ask members - and all Bike Shed visitors - to be considerate to other members, customers and neighbours in London or Los Angeles. We might love to push the limits when we ride on the streets, but we ask our visitors to refrain from stunting, speeding or unnecessarily loud revving in or near our premises, and to respect other residents and businesses in the area. We already know what a motorcycle sounds like, and so do our customers.


The Bike Shed’s staff are here to make your experience as good as it can be, from the membership team and managers to the bartenders and wait-staff, to the chefs and cleaners. They work hard, and we expect a lot from them. Many of our team also ride, and are passionate about the club. In other circumstances they could be one of you, so, please treat them kindly. 

Please also respect our staff’s personal space and privacy. Personal comments or physical contact may not be welcome while they are working, or even when they are enjoying our hospitality after work.


We will do all we can to protect our members’ privacy wherever they are in our public and private spaces. Please do not take any photographs in the members’ areas without permission. We will also ask all customers to refrain from taking photographs of people not in their own personal group during their visit to The Bike Shed without permission. However, we may take photographs for promotional purposes to be used on Social Media and on our Website. If you wish not to be included in these photos, please let us know.


When there are no large events, we sometimes allow overnight parking for members, arranged in advance, or agreed on the day, at the General Manager’s discretion. We expect everyone to park their motorcycle considerately to make room for other members and customers. Badly parked motorcycles may be moved or removed. The Bike Shed shall not have any responsibility of liability for any injury or damage to any person or property, including any motorcycles, by or as a result of, the use of the parking area by members, whether by theft, collision, criminal activity, or otherwise, and members hereby assume, for themselves, all risks associated with any such occurrences in or around the parking area.


Leave your differences at the door. The Bike Shed is common ground for all members and visitors, and we are a safe space for all who love moto-culture. The Bike Shed has zero tolerance for any hostile, violent, abusive, harassing, or discriminatory behaviour of any kind whatsoever.


Membership is not transferable. Any guests visiting the Members areas must be accompanied by the member at all times. Members cannot pass their discounts or privileges to any third party. Please do not lend your membership card to a friend or partner.


The Bike Shed does not allow members of patched motorcycle clubs (“MC”) or motorcycle gangs with any criminal history to visit our destinations in London or Los Angeles wearing MC colours. Individual MC members are welcome to visit without club colours, however we will not knowingly allow MC members to join the Bike Shed membership.

Regardless of actual behaviour, we want our staff, customers and members to feel safe in an unintimidating environment. Non-affiliated groups and clubs are welcome, but visitors may be asked to remove clothing that looks like 'colours' to enter our London and Los Angeles venues, at the discretion of the General Manager.



Although The Bike Shed and/or its members may organise formal and informal meets and rides, please be aware that you are solely responsible for your own personal insurance, safety and behaviour during any such ride.

The Bike Shed does not insure any group ride or meeting on a public road or at a third-party private space.


  1. You are fully licensed and insured, and riding a safe & legal motorcycle.
  2. You are not intoxicated or inhibited from being able to ride your motorcycle in any way.

    If you are riding home from the club or any BSMC event where we are serving alcohol, we will stop serving you with alcohol if you appear too intoxicated to ride.

    Please speak to a manager if you, or anyone you know, has consumed too much alcohol, and we can arrange to keep your/their motorcycle overnight.
  3. You are responsible for riding within the law, including observing speed limits and general rules of the road. You will abide by all applicable laws.

  4. You are not expected to keep up with the speed of any group or individual rider. In other words, set your own pace, ride within your limits, and make sure you feel safe when you are riding. We will never judge your speed or abilities on any ride.

  5. Having accepted that riding a motorcycle can be dangerous, you take responsibility for agreeing to take part in any motorcycle-related activities organised by the club or it's members, and hereby waive the right to prosecute Bike Shed Moto Co Inc, its parents or subsidiaries, in the event of a motorcycle accident of any kind on public or private property.

We will of course help you in the event of any accident, and no member or guest will ever be left alone at the roadside. If you are unsure about any of the above, please ask.


Member agrees and understands that their participation may involve risks. These risks may lead to tangible or intangible harm, and each member agrees that these risks may result not only from their own actions but also from the actions of others. With the knowledge and understanding of these risks, member chooses, of their own will and volition, to begin and/or continue membership with The Bike Shed.

STATEMENT: Before signing up for Membership, I agree to be responsible for my own; riding, safety equipment, vehicle and all insurances, and hereby waive Bike Shed Moto Co of any liability in relation to my riding experiences on any activities inspired or organised by any BSMC Staff or BSMC Members.


BSMC Membership is an Annual Subscription, which will automatically be renewed every year unless you actively terminate your membership. This can be done by telling the BSMC membership manager. One year is the minimum term of BSMC Membership, therefore:

Monthly Membership Payments are instalments, and all 12 must be paid before you can cancel.


Membership is a privilege and not a right.

Membership applications may be refused without a reason being given.  All membership decisions, including refusal and/or termination, are to be made at the sole and absolute discretion of The Bike Shed.

If club rules are broken, membership can be suspended or terminated without notice, at the sole and absolute discretion of The Bike Shed.

Refunds will only be given on termination of active membership, at The Bike Shed’s sole and absolute discretion.