Membership Pricing & Rules


Bike Shed members must be motorcycle riders, whether they currently ride a motorcycle or not. Members will need a reference from the membership or Bike Shed crew (who you can name-check when you apply online), or, if you apply online now without a referee we will arrange a meeting to make sure that The Bike Shed Motorcycle Club is right for you, and that you are right for us.


Bike Shed membership is global, but the price is based on your home-club closest to where you live, and where you will visit most often.

London membership is cheaper than the LA membership simply because London has no dedicated private member's spaces, and no limit on numbers, whereas our LA destination is not only much bigger, it also offers access to our members-only bar plus private dining spaces and access to the VIP mezzanine areas during events, which also means we have to limit membership numbers to around 1,000.


Bike Shed London Membership is currently £250 per year, or you can pay £30 a month.

Bike Shed LA membership is currently $1,000 a year.


We ask members to be considerate to your fellow members, our customers and our neighbours in DTLA. We all love to push the limits when we ride on the streets, but we ask all our members and customers to refrain from stunting, speeding or unnecessary loud revving in or near our premises.

We'd also ask you to park your motorcycle considerately to make room for other members and customers.

We do not tolerate any discrimination. The Bike Shed is common ground for all members and visitors, and we are a safe space for all who love moto-culture.

Membership is a privilege and not a right. If rules are broken, membership can be taken away by the membership team or senior managers without warning, and without the need for us to explain why. Refunds may not be given.