Photographer Bob Ranew from North Carolina had Classified Moto build him the Virago-based XV920R6, which has been celebrated amongst custom aficionados worldwide, so his garage was already graced with automotive beauty. He enjoyed the process of working with John Ryland and had the opportunity to give plenty of his own input into the build, so he was already hooked into the process. Classified Moto's XV920 R6 Earlier this year a good friend of Bob's became ill and sadly passed away leaving him a 1979 Kawasaki KZ650 SR that had been sitting in a shed for over 25 years, and he decided to strip the bike back to the basics and give it a clean street tracker/racer look with brat style seat, stubby guards and the key ingredient to all builds - added lightness. Here's how she arrived: ...and more of how she turned out: Bob claims he didn't really know what he was doing and made plenty of mistakes, farming-out some of the fabrication (who doesn't) but as we all know, learning as you go is what makes the process all the more rewarding when you can finally step-back and see the results of all your labours - especially when they look this good. He had some help with shortening the subframe, lowering the battery box, and getting a seat pan made and cleaning the carbs, but all the rest was down to Bob. The outcome of all this this effort and vision would undoubtedly make Bob's old friend smile down from wherever he is now, as Bob has built a really gorgeous garage-build from a very humble donor, put together with great taste. Another great Shed Build that we're very proud to share with all of you, and I'll bet this looks perfectly at home placed beside the pro-built XV920 in his enviable garage. Great pics from Bob too. His website is here.