BOT LSide Rocks 800

This lovely little CB350 is the work of Lior Baruch, AKA Back on Two, and was the well-deserved winner of April's Bike of the Month on Do The Ton. The Honda Threefiddy CeeBee is a lovely platform, and is the donor for some of the sweetest builds on these pages, but we like them most of all because they all seem to all come out so different. A lot of these smaller CBs are also resurrection marvels, including this one - especially when you take a peek at the donor bike, and the state she was in.

BOT LS Donor 800

Even more impressive is the fact that Lior's build has been put together in Israel, which is not normally associated with the cafe racer scene, so getting parts was no easy task with everything being imported.

BOT TankClocksRS MS 800

The bike was picked up in November 2011 with the intention of making a pure cafe racer out of it, a first for Lior. The bike was completely taken apart until no two pieces were connected, and then he started with the design and concept. Every component was restored, rebuilt our sourced from everywhere from ebay to Dime City and any online shop that had appropriate parts on offer and could ship out to Israel.

BOT LSide Engine MS 800

In order to create a flowing design along the CB's frame Lior added a Benelli tank and universal seat. He then designed the racing stripes to go down from top to the sides of each part, connecting them up and creating a harmony between them. The rear fender is taken from a Ducati 900SD, all the aluminum parts were polished.

BOT Rside 800

All the work was undertaken by Lior himself except the the lustrous bright paint, which was done by Erez Dror. Lior says he spent days and nights just staring at it, imagining how each part would connect to the next.

BOT LS Engine MS 800

"A year ago I thought that I should name the bikes in some way... so the first thing was to name my personal workshop - BOT, Back On Two, which for me represent giving life back to bikes and getting them back on the road, either as original, custom, cafe or anything. I'm usually working on 2-3 bikes in parallel every time, anything goes..."


We love the clean a simple top yoke with a single, central mini-speedo and 'proper' old school domed nuts. Timeless.

BOT Clocks 800

Keeping the CB350's narrow profile and skinny tyres creates a classic cafe racer silhouette.


Original drum brakes have been painstakingly cleaned and restored.

BOT Wheel 800

The end result is practically the poster-boy/pinup for the definitive cafe custom. No wonder this bike has been so popular with our facebook followers and on DoTheTon.

BOT RALSide 800