DTs R100 LSFA 1 David Taylor has been hard at work keeping these pages full of shed builds, and this is one of his latest cafe racers, based on a 1993 BMW R100 Café. The donor bike was a minter with only 40,000 km’s on the clock. It even had the original, toolkit, pump, bike lock and first aid kit. DTs R100 Lside RA "I always wanted one of these Beemer’s, and before I had sold my beautiful Black CX500 one came up so I grabbed it. While I was waiting for a new owner for my CX I was busy designing this project and planning how I was actually going to execute it. Once I was confident of the end result, it was full steam ahead with the build. My objective was to create a look that was masculine and grunty but with a certain refinement." DTs R100 Combo The bike was stripped and everything dismantled and checked. New Ace bars were fitted with bar end mirrors and mini blinkers. Dave retained the original instrument cluster, but cut around 10mm off the mounting bracket to make it fit more snuggly between the new bars, giving cleaner line. "Like many bikes the seat is often difficult to get right, I wanted the original Café racer seat to be used but these bike are all arse heavy and to be fair I think a tad ugly, yet in a practical German way these bikes are beautifully built and engineered with such precision, this I admire and respect." DTs R100 LS FATilt 1 Dave wanted to retain the two-up ride but also wanted to achieve a more balanced look, so he chopped 130mm from the middle of the seat bucket and welded it back together. The front and rear fenders were cut down, and the seat was re-upholstered with high quality NZ hide. The side pods were drilled-out for a more brutal look. The paint is a very high quality finish using white pearl to add some refinement. Graphics were added before clear coat was applied. The original dual pipes were binned, and a one off two into one performance pipe was made and fitted. She now revs out freely without sacrificing the huge lumpy torque. DTs R100 SIdepanel "Once you get used to these beasts they are bloody cool to ride and are no slug around tight twisty roads but also love to cruise the highway. Once I’m used to the feel which is quite different from my CX500 I can see I’m going to fall in love with this baby!" DTs R100 RSRA 1 "One of my sons Brad who recently had his red CX500 Café racer featured on BSMC is about to embark on 8 months of travelling the world and sold his beloved bike to help fund his adventure. He assures me when he returns he has another build in mind. While he’s away, Tom his brother and I are going to do a joint build … we are collaborating to see what takes our fancy. We are all bitten by the bug and love building these one off bikes …" We look forward to seeing what you and the family build next, Dave.