Venice Beach is a great place to be if you love bikes and the cafe racer scene, and if you're lucky enough to have been there you'll recognise the pier in this pic. There's even a Venice Vintage Motorcycle Club, if you want some real retro eye candy. Norman Neal came to us with his 1966 Honda CB160 cafe racer, which he's put together himself, having found the bike for just $900 in a very tatty condition. It's still on the original engine carrying only 8000 miles, with custom 2 into 1 pipe with intake manifolds made my Poor Bastard Cycles, Mikuni PE-24 carbs, & MotoBits pegs. Love the wings... To keep things light and discrete the bike's electrics run on a small gel battery, with an Accel super coil, custom wiring harness & rear LED lights. Norman was born & raised in Venice and has been into anything with two wheels since he was old enough to ride. He even manages makes a living from his passion with a small motorized bicycle business there at The thriving cafe racer scene in Venice, California. Hiuge thanks to Normal for sharing his bike with us. If you cafe a cafe/brat/scrambler custom you'd like to share with us. Please get in touch.