surles 1 Honda's half-ish litre CB might lack the outright punch of its heavyweight sibling but when it comes to manoeuvrability the slender 550 wins every time. An important consideration for the owner of this 1977 model who wanted a degree of individualism engineered into his daily commute through the mean streets of Paris. Surles 2 Given that Yann & Manu of Sur Les Chapeaux De Roues are are purveyors of pukka paint jobs and well finished builds it was an easy decision for them to have carte blanche on the design, with one request that the result be reliable and easy to use. Surles 7 The first obvious change is the fuel tank, the original swapped-out for a slimmer one from a CB450, before being given the pixel treatment. If you've seen previous work from these guys you'll be familiar with Yann and his graffiti artist background. The raw steel tank was covered in multi-tone silver squares and lacquered-over, the red spot indicating the bike's origin to those not in the know. Surles 3To keep these artistic endeavours away from danger the forks were replaced with a twin disc setup from a 1983 CB650. Keeping it local, relatively, the guys fitted a Beringer master cylinder to ensure good braking feel and power. A pair of Hagon's tried and tested shocks are found in the rear. Surles 4 French handlebar manufacturers e.NOV supplied the clipons which project wide enough for sure-footedness in the city, without compromising lane split-ability. As with most original bikes form this era the elements take their toll and here new spokes and a wheel build were required. Firestone's Deluxe Champions might not win any awards for grip on wet cobbled streets, but they look the nuts, so a pair were fitted. Surles 5Being a well maintained Honda the engine was in good order so enjoyed only a thorough service prior to a fresh coat of the black stuff and a complete set of stainless fasteners. Surles 6 A simple Daytona speedo sits ahead of the freshly powdered top yoke and makes a nice change from the Motogadget mainstay. The ignition button is neatly fitted into the top nut, keeping the cockpit simple. Surles 8 Nothing crazy or elaborate, just another example of Yann & Manu executing a good quality build and importantly pleasing the customer. More from Sur Les Chapeaux De Roues on Bike Shed Archive | Web | Facebook | Instagram