Yes it's super-wide! With six cylinders abreast and 1000cc, a bike like this never gonna be anything other than barrel-chested and manly-looking, and if you ever play Top Trumps with your motorcycle mates, then no-one's gonna beat you on that score. This Honda CBX1000 is brought to you courtesy of Tarmac Custom Motorcycles, yet another Spanish workshop turning out tasteful cafe customs, who we last showcased when they sent us pics of their very well-received green & gold xs850 Triple.

This particular machine arrived with Javi and Jano in a horrible state with a non-running engine, lots of corrosion and a broken exhaust. The engine had to be completely rebuilt with new pistons, con-rods and cylinders, and then micro-blasted to clean it up. As with most cafe/brat customs the tail section of the frame was chopped and rounded, with a handmade seat and mudguard. The extremely complex looking pipes were made by their mate Robert from GR exhaust systems. Javi says; "it´s an amazing exhaust...sounds great!!! and contrary to what people works! it´s made of stainless steel, and tig welded...a piece of art!" In fact the guys were gutted that the owner wanted it wrapped.

The wiring harness was remade and hidden in the frame tubes, which is a nice touch on any bike, while the battery is tucked neatly, low down between the rear wheel and the engine. The frame, brackets, clamps, wheels, mudguards in fact pretty much everything else - were sanded and powder coated.

The original 5 spoke wheels wear Coker Diamonds tyres, running 4.5x18 and 4.0x19. Handlebars come from ABM with Ariete retro grips, and there's the usual tiny speedo and mini bates headlamp at the front, making the oversized engine look even more brutal.

To sharpen up the brakes (much needed on a bike with an engine this heavy) the guys installed a Honda CBR front master cylinder with stainless steel braided hoses, and of course some new pads. The only thing on the bike that remained unchanged from the original was the tank and paint. It was just too perfect to mess with, and we have to agree. Why re-create retro when it's right there in front of you?

It's a stunning looking bike and we look forward to featuring more builds from Tarmac Custom Motorcycles. Check out more from Javi and Jano HERE on the Bike Shed, on their own blog and Facebook pages.