Vertigo70 R65 3 This explosively named R65 is the work of Vertigo70, a group of privateer builders working out of an old shed in Milan. Vertigo70 R65 5 The five friends are Massimiliano Scotti who works in publishing, Massimiliano Ferrari who works for Union Bike, mechanic Aleandro Armani, Angelo Restelli who runs a cheese shop and Emiliano Arieta, founder of Waimea Classic clothing. A proper bunch of bike-loving mates, in a Shed, juggling work, life, family and bikes. Vertigo70 R65 8 The R65 they have built is a deliberate homage to the pro builders they admire. They cite the Wrenchmonkees, Cafe Racer Dreams and Motosumisura as the inspiration behind their work, and they've certainly made a great job of the build, with all the right Pro signature details, like the oversized tyres, the tucked-in Bates style headlamp, two-tone paint and a kicked up rear. Vertigo70 R65 10 The kicked-up subframe was built by blacksmith Gippo Vigevano, who also lightened the overall weight and cut down the length of the back end of the bike, before the leather seat was added. The rear shocks are Triumph pattern copies. The crash bars and side-mounted spotlight suggest a bike built for some rough riding. Vertigo70 R65 6 The tank has been modified and there's a new fibreglass housing with a larger lower section designed to hide the electrics, which include a new Dynatech ignition system. Wide handlebars add some leverage in steering the beast and sport a pair of light brown grips and useful bar-end indicators. Wrapped headers and shortie exhausts are responsible for the noise, and conical filters provide the intake on the OEM Bing carbs. Vertigo70 R65 4 Newer style rocker covers suggest the donor is an early 80s bike, which also graces the bike with twin front discs and old school Brembo calipers. As for who did what in the Vertigo70 team; the two Massimilianos and Emiliano designed the bike, while Aleandro and Angela are credited with the mechanical build and the paint was taken care of by Rookiedesigns. Vertigo70 R65 1 The nickname TNT comes from the loud exhaust, and as well as parting the traffic by noise alone the guys tell us that the oversized tyres give an "aggressive" riding experience. It certainly looks like a lot of fun - which is ultimately what this is all about. We can also add another really cool-looking Boxer twin to our R-Series gallery. Vertigo70 R65 7 Thanks to the Vertigo70 crew for sharing their build with us. They have more builds in the pipeline which you'll see on The Bike Shed in the coming weeks.