Zadid Salander 1 Where's the catch? I'm seeing a custom motorcycle adorned by a truly stunning young lady, or is it the other way around; and reading about philanthropy and helping sick children. I know that balsamic vinegar goes well with strawberries but that took some convincing. Zadig Motorcycles is bringing something new to the custom table by way of a non-profit organisation, raising money though building bikes to help children inflicted by life threatening diseases. Sounds like a first to me. Zadid Salander 2 Based in Belgium, the company is run by Fabian Giordano, a builder of a different sort. By day Fabian flexes his engineering muscle constructing and setting up data centres, and by night the accurate and defined are replaced by creativity and artistic flair. Those of you familiar with the works of 18th Century writer Voltaire will know the story of Zadig, the Babylonian philosopher. Those who are not, Google it. Essentially Voltaire believed in freedom of expression, which sums up the individual style expressed in this bike. Zadid Salander 3 To delve deep enough to tap into his reserve of creative juices, Fabian immerses himself into the character of the person who he would want to ride the finished bike; in this instance Lisbeth Salander, the Swedish computer hacker of Hornet's Nest and Dragon Tattoo fame. Zadid Salander 4 The donor bike is a 1979 Honda CJ250T, in fact two were sought for the project as without a defined plan there was bound to be a degree of trial and error and replacing parts form a spare bike is infinitely easier. Zadid Salander 5 The Brooks bicycle seat, the electrical box (and old petty cash tin) and levers etc are all second hand parts. Only the Tomasseli clip-ons, Bridgestone TW203 tires, LiPo battery, led lights and engine consumables are new. Zadid Salander 6 The engine, forks and gearbox have been rebuilt and modified where necessary. The swingarm has been stretched 10cm and the unwanted frame mounts and tabs ground off, along with the entire tail, before painting. Stock shock absorbers were fitted and the rear brake adapted to fit the extended swingarm. The gothic theme blends with intricate speed holes on the engine casings and engraving work on the bare fuel tank, a metallic canvas space for artistic expression. Voltaire would approve I'm sure. Zadid Salander 7 The wheels, brakes and suspension have been refreshed with new parts and fluids before being painted and then patinated; with a hammer, flames and a polishing wheel. Inserting a DB Killer into a 2-into-1 exhaust collector is the only form of baffling, attached to the painted and wrapped headers. Zadid Salander 8 Drilled levers and Brooks leather bar tape ensure plenty of feel from the upturned clip-ons, and compliment the raw look. A super powerful 4-LED headlight brings the front end bang up to date. Zadid Salander 9 Fabian is really happy with how the bike turned out, as is everyone who has sat on it. Louise, seen here said "There is something uncomfortable but it gives so much attitude. It is like wearing stilettos" Zadid Salander 10 Once this CJ has done the rounds and whipped up enough interest it will be sold to the highest bidder, proceeds going towards helping sick children. To keep the charitable motor running there are already new projects on the bench; a Kill Bill inspired "Black Mamba" and an 883 Harley in the theme of One Punch Mikey from the movie Snatch. Head over to the Zadig website to keep an eye on progress and follow their Facebook page.