Zezen 1 Zezen Motors is a small custom garage founded earlier this year by Daniel Rodriguez in a small town called Zumaia in the Basque country in northern Spain. Daniel has worked in metal all his professional life so when he decided to turn his attention to custom bike building he had plenty of useful skills to apply to his new part-time passion. Zezen 2 Daniel decided to start with a Honda CB750, opting to go for a 1992 model rather than the usual 70s or 80s machine, with plans to build a rugged and practical tracker to suit the Basque countries hilly terrain and damp climate, "...inspired by North American trackers, but with a Japanese heart." Zezen 3 The newer CB750s have their age given away by the tank shape, which flows downwards at the back to meet the sidepanels, so the first thing to do was replace that with an older CB750 tank from 1975. The same bike donated the front fender, the rear is from a Sportster 883. Zezen 4 The scrambler bars are Tomaselli while the lighting was all sourced from various internet shops, but the brackets for the lighting, speedo and rear rack were all fabricated in stainless steel by Daniel. Zezen 5 FBC The engine was completely rebuilt with the carbs running free-flowing, pod-style air filters, leaving just the paintwork to be sorted, which he opted to do in bold white with black hot-rod style racing stripes. Zezen 6 Alongside Daniel is Iñaki Urreizti, a good friend, rider, videographer and photographer (he took these photos). Iñaki is responsible for the brand image and is Zezen Motors Community Manager. Here's the video he made of the build... and of the Ride... As first custom builds go, this is a great start, and we look forward to seeing Daniel's next builds as we know Zezen Motors already has a Sportster and a Honda Shadow 600 in the works. Thanks to Daniel and Iñaki for sharing with us at The Bike Shed. See more from Zezen Motors on their Facebook page. Zezen 7